Protect Your Teeth from Sleep Bruxism

Grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep opens the door for a variety of problems. The pressure exerted on your jaw muscles can have you waking up with sore jaws, or even a headache. If you clench or grind your teeth extremely hard, not only do you risk wearing down your tooth enamel, you increase your chances of breaking or cracking your teeth. A mouth guard can prevent damage and will help hold your teeth in place. Using a custom mouth guard can help prevent snoring as well.

Over the Counter Vs. Custom-Made Mouth Guards

You can conveniently buy an over-the-counter mouth guard from most pharmacies and discount stores. These dental appliances will give your teeth a certain amount of protection; however, there are some things you need to consider before making that purchase.

The pressure you exert while grinding your teeth or clenching can affect the efficiency of the mouth guard. The thickness needs to be sufficient to withstand the pressure. Mouth guards can dislodge during sleep. If it comes out of your mouth while you sleep, your teeth are no longer protected. Clenching your teeth very hard could cause the mouth guard to break.

Custom-made mouth guards take these factors into consideration. They are made to fit your unique condition. The thickness of the mouth guard can be designed specifically for your level of pressure. No adjustments are needed, as they are made to fit your exact bite pattern. This type of mouth guard provides the best protection for your teeth.

Sleep Soundly

When you grind and clench your teeth during the night, you may be snoring as well. During sleep, the tongue and muscles in the back of the throat become so relaxed they can block your airway. This causes snoring. A customized mouth guard or splint prevents your teeth from touching, and it can be made to stop snoring by holding your jaw in a position that prevents the airway from collapsing.

Unless you sleep alone, your teeth grinding and snoring are most likely interfering with your partner’s sleep as well. Addressing the problem and correcting it with the appropriate treatment will provide better sleep for you and your partner.

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